June 16?

12-13-14 and a bit is the count of the current ages of the school children who dared all, to defy the oppression.  Lets march June 16! Koba nini sifela ubala(until when must we die) an uprise that grown men who wouldnt dare lay a hand on their own, shamboked the life out of the TEENS. The shadows ran into the night before the sun could see for the bullets that embraced the head shots and chests of the so called ungovernable scholars. They were only kids, all they wanted was to be heard but instead it was a bullet to silence their voices.

images (1)

Even after the bloodshed the same militant electrocuted and torched. They will not surrender, they could not surrender it was a “till the death”. Fast forward to the future a tale that must be told with tears all over it. “I was a little girl,I was just a boy when I was electrocuted. I will never know what it is to embrace a fetus in my womb. I will never cut the umbilical cord for that electrocution  when I was just a little girl, I was just a boy killed my chances to have children”.


The struggle still continues…



Written by SiyaMetaphoric.


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