Pimples, pimples, & pimples – shopping for a plastic surgeon

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For many years in my life I have felt like I don’t look good enough compared to the girl next to me or I am not well dressed enough like the lady walking in front of me, but I did my best to never let that neither define me nor pressure me into changing who I am. I always made sure that I stay true to who I really am, but all that changed when my body started changing. I started to have painful pimples that probably looked disgusting and from that moment I lost my self-confidence and I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror. I would cry every time I look at old pictures of myself before having pimples, how beautiful and flawless my face looked – I wished and prayed that I could look like that again.

The pimples

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I tried cleansers, tonners, face wash, face mask, cream, lotion, pills etc. Nothing worked! If anything some of those products made my face worse, with dark spot and I got acne – which extremely broke my heart. Going through this was difficult and the amount of money that I spent on product for my face is enough to would’ve at least paid my study fees for at least one semester. Anyway, nothing worked for my skin and my face went from bad to worse. As they say ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’, I turned to Google and tried every home remedy that I read about. Unfortunately, none of them worked for my skin. I turned to YouTube just to see if there is anything that I haven’t tried, I thoroughly tried all the new routines that I watched but still no luck.

The people

Pimples, scars, blemishes and acne are not easy to deal with but it gets more difficult when you also have to deal with people asking stupid questions like “what did you eat?”, “have you tried this?” or coming up with suggestions that I have already tried several times and failed dismally. It is not easy having people look at you like you are disgusting, like you have body odour or you’re dirty. However, it gets worse when you no longer get the pleasing compliments from guys and girls but rather you receive offensive remarks like ‘you have speed humps on your face!’ or ‘your sexy, if only we can change the head.’. Having to deal with that on a daily basis took away my confidence, a part of me wanted to stay at home forever but I couldn’t do that because I had to go to work and go to Campus.

The make up

I started investing money on make up to cover my dark marks, only then was I able to build my self-confidence but that’s not what helped clear my pimples, acne and dark spots. In a space of three months my pimples and acne have cleared out completely, I still have dark marks that are also slowly clearing out and I pray to god that my face will be completely clear of pimples.

Personal tips to treat pimples, dark marks and acne:


• Do not sleep with make up on

• Always wash your face twice a day

• Use a soup made with natural herbs e.g. oleo Vera, turmeric, mint etc.

• Mix a pure lemon juice with honey and apply it all over your face every day, keep it on for maximum 20 minutes

• Avoid using a towel on your face, consider using facial wipes.

I am so glad that I have achieved 80% of my facial goals and I look forward to achieving more. However, I can’t stop thinking about the next teenage girl who just started experiencing this, that girl who is stressed about her skin and spends hours on Google searching “how to get rid of pimples?” but finding zero useful results. Everyone’s journey is different, I could lie and say don’t pay attention to what people say but I know very well how deeps words can hurt an  already insecure individual.

Did you experience something similar? Share your tips in the comments, don’t forget to share this post.

Till next time, Becoming me.


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