A new year, a new chapter.

As we said goodbye to 2017 last night, we said goodbye to all the things we accomplished in the 365 days of 2017 and today we welcome 2018 with open minds. We plan our lives thoroughly, have new goals to accomplish for the next 365 days of 2018 and we begin a new chapter with high expectations, without a clue of what the future has planned for us or if we will live long enough to accomplish those goals.

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Today I prepared myself to start over with an open mind and positive attitude, I let go of all the things that affected my life negatively, I let go of any anger that I had and move on from it and I finally let go of any relationship that isn’t working. 2017 wasn’t such a terrible year, I experienced some ups and downs (like most people usually do), but above and beyond that it was a year of self-discovery, professional growth and personal development.

To highlight the life changing moments in my life:

• I started this blog, which has now become the most important part of my career.

• I got a new job and learned new workplace skills

• I got a step closer to finishing my degree

• Made new friends and met potential future husbands

• Read some interesting books, which probably inspired me somehow.

Anyway, moving forward I would like to be open minded and expect anything that life has to offer, good or bad, I will learn from it and grow through it. Besides expecting anything, I also aim to work extremely hard to achieve my goals.

My most important goals include:

• Completing my degree

• Improving my writing skills

• Growing my blog

• The rest is going to be a surprise!

I am excited and I look forward to living through this new chapter in my life, experiencing as much as possible and growing as much as I can. I hope to make great memories with family and friends, I also hope to achieve all my goals and more.

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year, may you accomplish all that you desire and god bless you with many more years to celebrate. With love, Nonhle


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