Me time – when you need it the most.

May it be summer, autumn, spring or winter, in life everyone gets overwhelmed and stressed out at some point. It can be a result of work pressure, school pressure, family, kids or marital. When things get hectic, its always a good idea to take a break and focus on yourself even if its just for an hour. It may not solve your problems, make you rich, improve your life but it will certainly make you feel lighter, happy and will help you build the strength to deal with your hectic life better.


If you have been thinking about how you can take a short break from everything and make the most of it, then you going to want to stop what you doing, grab a coffee and read this article right away. In the next few minutes, I am going to share with you my habits for ‘me time’.


Go out for lunch:

It may sound simple, like something you usually do but trust me its the best therapy you can give yourself. Take a friend out (someone you trust) to share a pizza and drinks and get a chance to talk about your feelings, take fun pictures, enjoy a good meal. By the time you finish, you will be much more relaxed and less stressed.

Take a walk in a public park:

I don’t know about other countries but in south Africa, most public parks always have something fun happening such a dance competition, comedy show or a traditional dance. Grab yourself your favourite ice cream or drink and watch a comedy show or street singer, one of those things is bound to put a smile on your face and you will feel less overwhelmed afterwards.


Go to the gym or for a jog:

Blow off some steam by jogging or attending a gym class, this will allow you to get physical and take your mind of stressful matters. Taking your mind of things will give you a chance to build up energy to start your day well in the morning, or peaceful sleep in the evening. A gym is not only to blow off the steam but also for your overall health. I always feel motivated and energetic to work after jogging or attending a gym class.

Read a book or magazine: 

These are my favourite, whenever my life gets really hectic – I take a chance and read about someone else’s messed up life. This always relaxes my mind, reduce my stress levels and give me new ideas to deal with life’s problem. Although not everything you read will take your mind of things, some books will just make you lough your lungs out. Some will make you nervous and give you the adrenaline. For example, when I want to read thriller books, I consider reading James Paterson’s book but when I want something funny, I always go for local writers such as Fred khumal or Sharon simply because I can easily understand the jokes and closely relate to it.


Those were my ideas of ‘me time’ without becoming bankrupt. Share your with us your ‘me time habbits’ and don’t forget to subscribe & share.


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