My First driving lesson

So this year I decided to do my drivers licence before I graduate, but getting a license in south Africa is not an easy thing especially if you have never driven a car  and have no idea what goes where, how, when and why. But it’s even harder when the precess includes standing in long ques to book, waiting months for your date and than starting with the driving lesson.

When I went for my first lesson, I had no idea what to do, how to do it, when to do it or why I am doing it. The first thing that came to my mind was to laugh the moment I set foot into the car, with the driving instructor looking at me weird. He immediately started explaining the eleven car controls, he had to say them I think 3 time before I can at least catch five of them or so. Following that I had to pull my chair forward because I am extremely short and my feet couldn’t reach the clutch, brake or accelerator – yes I know them now but I had zero idea before and the best I could do was laugh at myself. Pulling my chair forward happened really fast because I ended up banging my breast against the steering wheel but I was OK.
My instructor continued to explain the controls, what to use them for, how to use them, why use them and when to use them.
Now the practice, where I have to change gear and actually attempt driving, he practically had to hold my hand and show me how to move the gear to where I want it to go to. Following that I practiced using my feet on the clutch, brake and accelerator which wasn’t easy considering I am not used to any form of exercise, so using my legs a lot was a bit of a challenge but I finally got the hang of it and was successful.
Furthermore we had to go over the rules of changing lanes and direction which were very trick considering you have to control the car, check blind spots, side mirrors, indicate and… You know the drill. Somehow when I try to do one thing I forget to do the other, for example when I am checking blind spots I forget to control the steering wheel and end up changing directions or stop the car way past the stop sigh.
But all in all I have a really calm instructor and I am a fast learner. Don’t leave me hanging now, share with us the journey of your first driving lesson – comments. Don’t forget to subscribe for more post like straight to your inbox


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