why I started this blog.

A lot of people asked me why I want to start a blog and if I have any plans of blogging full time. In the next few minutes, I am going to share the three most important reasons why I started this blog. First let me tell you about myself, my name is Nonhle and I was born and bred in Durban. I grew up in an extremely large family with nine siblings, twelve cousins and three nephews and two nieces.

Growing up I had a fun childhood and learnt a lot of useful lessons that probably made me the young woman that I am. I am also a media studies student, which brings me back to why I started this blog. I like reading a lot and I am a very opinionated persons, therefore I aim to use this blog to share my opinions, discuss important lifestyle topics and share fashion & beauty tips.

When you doing media studies, you read a lot of theories but get minimum practice, therefore blogging is a great apportunity to practice dealing with social criticism and possibly improving writing skills. Lastly, I see blogging as a way to connect with people that you possibly will never meet face to face, but you get a chance to learn something new from each and every person that you meet. I am excited to see this blogging journey become something really great.


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