A serious warning – eTV scandal

In my life, I have seen a lot of people became victims of money making scams including my own family and friends. Its very often the people who already have well established careers that seek out Investment opportunities, but end up losing a lot of money on 'get Rich quickly scam'. Etv  scandal snowed us… Continue reading A serious warning – eTV scandal

​My first date after five years.

  “I woke up feeling different today, light, excited and possibly happy. That’s probably because I have a date today with someone I met through a mutual friend, I haven’t met him face to face previously but after the conversation we had on Whatsapp I feel like I have known you for the past few… Continue reading ​My first date after five years.

The Enchanted Lake (Flash Fiction #3)

The Write Melony


The edge of the forest was his sanctuary with solar-powered fairy lights, homemade wind chimes and sun catchers. Ivy – that had been ripped from the outer wall of his home – acted as a doorway to the lake deeper within the forest.

Erik grabs one of the sun catchers and starts to polish the glass on it. His eyes are focused on the door he had created. His heart beats with the sound of the chimes while he imagines the moment she will appear.

Mum had purchased the property a month ago. She had given him a simple rule. He was not to go to the lake within the forest.

“The mermaids will try to trick you,” she had said. “They are not to be trusted.”

He partially obeyed, but his curiosity brought him to the edge of the forest before the lake started. The grove between his yard…

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Raising money for your business idea.

sparkle in her life

In South Africa you see a lot of struggling entrepreneurs because they don’t have enough money to support their ideas. In my life, I have come across various individuals with their own businesses. From those individuals, I learned that most start-up businesses often need cash injection to get started, so I took it upon myself to find a possible solution – this is how crowdfunding can help support your idea.

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Crowd funding is a new way of giving back to the society. It gives power to people to financially help one another. The best thing about crowd funding for a project is there are no bank loans, red tapes or investors that you have to deal with, it’s just your idea and members of the public who want to support it by contributing money. All you need is a plan: a brief description of your project, photos and s short…

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